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About Us

The YWCA GAHP was founded in 2007 to provide a solution to the primary need of affordable rental housing to reduce and prevent homelessness for individuals of low and moderate income in Grimsby and West Niagara.

YWCA GAHP provides housing allowances to individuals who are committed to attaining self-sufficiency and strives to reduce the effects of poverty for the betterment of the community. Our short term goal is to provide safe, affordable housing for those in crisis. Our long term goal is to provide the support that will see clients graduate into a healthy, self-sufficient life style.


To provide a hand-up not a hand-out solution for low income persons of Grimsby.


All Grimsby citizens will have the means and access to safe secure housing within our community.


To provide a holistic approach to housing betterment and self-sufficiency by providing temporary housing allowances and partnering with local community groups and transitional support teams to provide our clients the supportive assistance they need to move towards a more positive living condition.

Did you know?

Homelessness is defined as “the condition of individuals living without safe, long-term accommodation.” The state of being homeless is further defined into three distinct areas:

Absolute: Individuals living transiently in emergency shelters, on the street, or in areas unfit for human habitation.

Relative: Individuals staying with friends, family members, often in overcrowded conditions, often referred to as “couch surfing” or “the hidden homeless”.

At Risk: low income individuals paying in excess of 50% of household income for rent.

Currently 8% of Grimsby’s population is living at or below the poverty line. That means that over 2000 residents are at risk of losing their homes on any given night.

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