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YWCA GAHP maintains a waiting list of clients in need of affordable housing. We are looking for landlords who are willing to work with us to provide rental housing for these individuals and families.

When you lease your property to us you will have a secure tenancy with secured rent being paid directly to you by YWCA GAHP according to the tenancy agreement. The lease between YWCA GAHP and the landlord is retained in a traditional landlord-tenant relationship. Even if a client becomes ineligible to participate in the housing program or if the apartment is vacant, we still pay the negotiated rent as agreed in the lease.

Our current landlords enjoy peace of mind and cost savings with reduced advertising and vacancy costs, as well as saving valuable time. If you are interested in working with us through our landlord program please contact us.

Did you know?

Homelessness is defined as “the condition of individuals living without safe, long-term accommodation.” The state of being homeless is further defined into three distinct areas:

Absolute: Individuals living transiently in emergency shelters, on the street, or in areas unfit for human habitation.

Relative: Individuals staying with friends, family members, often in overcrowded conditions, often referred to as “couch surfing” or “the hidden homeless”.

At Risk: low income individuals paying in excess of 50% of household income for rent.

Currently 8% of Grimsby’s population is living at or below the poverty line. That means that over 2000 residents are at risk of losing their homes on any given night.

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